23-Point Cheat Sheet
For “Now So Newbie” and “Wannabes” who want to go to the next level and discover the true Internet lifestyle

How to go from where you are to the next level where the going gets good
  • The big shift between being a newbie and going to the next level
  • Plain talk about getting traffic that actually makes sense
  • The unvarnished truth about the #1 skill you MUST have
  • What about screw ups and mistakes?
  • Is the money in the details?
  • What SHOULD you be focusing on?
  • Who does all the work?
  • How long is this gonna take?
  • What you should know about the “build websites” model

This article is NOT for newbies. It has a lot of straight, plain talk you probably won’t hear anywhere else because not all of it “pitches good.” No bull. You won’t hear much of this talked about other than here.

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